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<p>Record-challenging heat will expand into the Pacific Northwest as hot, dry weather elevates the wildfire risk in the Southwest through Sunday.</p>
<p>Hikers reported harrowing incidents tackling the 2,650-mile (4,265-kilometer) Pacific Crest Trail across this year's massive snowpack.</p>
<p>Rain bands reeling away from Tropical Depression Cindy spread drenching rains from the Southeast to the Midwest, triggering flash flood warnings over several states including West Virginia, whose residents on Friday marked the anniversary of deadly floods last June.</p>
<p>A collection of the week's best weather photography.</p>
A wildfire menacing a southern Utah ski town for nearly a week flared again, doubling in size for the second night in a row and torching more homes after residents fled the flames, officials said Friday.The blaze was one of...
Two of the Pentagon's specially reinforced "Doomsday" planes, designed to withstand the heat from a nuclear blast, were grounded after being damaged by a tornado, the Air Force said Friday.
Deric Hartigan, the weatherman for CNN affiliate TV3 Ireland, was reporting from the field when a gust of wind caught him by surprise.
Freedom-of-information data reveals threat of drought that would devastate wildlife, with government slow to act on water management
<p>Forecasters downgraded the status of Tropical Storm Cindy to a tropical depression on Thursday, but it's still dangerous. The storm rumbled across the Deep South, bringing heavy rain, damaging winds and at least one tornado.</p>
CBS Miami's Don Champion reports from Mississippi.
The main burn center in Phoenix has seen its emergency department visits double during the heat wave that is scorching the Southwest U.S., including people burning their bare feet on the scalding pavement.
Everyone loves a good lightning show, but there's an entire display above those billowing clouds that you are probably missing.
Photos that show how people (and animals) are coping with the record-setting heat.
France marked its hottest June day since World War II on Wednesdayas overheated residents across swathes of Europe coped with another day of sizzling temperatures.
Here's how. Visualization of wind within a hurricane. In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew killed more than 550 people and caused $15 billion in property damages.&nbsp;
There is a very simple way to figure out how far away that lightning strike was from you. Here's how.
An incredible sight over Wildwood Crest, NJ.
From Portugal's raging wildfire in 2017 to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, we look at some of the deadliest wildfires across the world.&nbsp;
Heat waves can have damaging effects on our health and well-being. It's important to know the difference between a common heat illness and one that requires immediate attention.
<p>As if high temperatures weren't bad enough, residents here will need to deal with the stench of rotten eggs for the next few days.</p>
This rare video shows 3 waterspouts forming near the Santa Rosa Island. Another waterspout was spotted near Okaloosais Island.
<p>An extreme heat wave in the Southwest U.S. made the fight against a series of wildfires more difficult Wednesday, including one that has destroyed at least four homes in an Arizona town known for its wineries, authorities said.</p>
It is the longest day of the year for Earth's northern hemisphere, the summer solstice on June 21. Find out why the solstice occurs.
Reports describe freak conditions that drove a wildfire that killed dozens.
When electricity demands are at a high demand, something has to be done to prevent a total blackout.
<p>Sinkholes can open up without any warning. Let's see some astonishing images of sinkholes from around the world.</p>
<p>Two people have died from heat-related illnesses in California, local media reported on Wednesday, as the Southwest U.S. bakes under triple-digit temperatures that have shattered records, driven residents indoors and canceled airline flights.</p>
<p>Temperatures topped 100 in the valleys and 120 in the low desert. Death Valley hit 127 β€” seven degrees shy of the hottest day ever recorded on the planet.</p>
As storm season approaches, flying pieces of furniture can be dangerous in major cities. So what can you do to make sure your furniture doesn't go flying off the roof during a storm this summer? Inside Edition spoke with roof safety engineer Michael Larkin following a freak storm that struck New York City Monday. "If a bad storm is coming, lower the umbrella; tie it up securely so it can't go anywhere," he told Inside Edition. "If you leave it open, it becomes a sail and can fly away."
Antarctica is changing. The typical image is that of a pristine, white wilderness of ice and snow. β€œThe white of the snow, the brown of the rocks, and the blue of the sky is a perfect day on the Antarctic Peninsula,” says researcher Dominic Hodgson of the British Antarctic Survey. But Hodgson says there is increasingly a new color: green. Hodgson is a frequent visitor to Antarctica, especially...
<p>Greenland flags were flying at half-staff Wednesday across Denmark and in Greenland's capital, Nuuk, to mourn four people who are presumed dead after a tsunami flooded a village on the Arctic island's west coast.</p>
The first day of summer brought some of the worst heat the Southwest U.S. has seen in years.
The U.S. Gulf Coast is bracing for Tropical Storm Cindy, which could bring torrential rainfall and flooding to some areas. Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari explains.
<p>These storms are among the most catastrophic hurricanes.</p>
Hot weather can make it hard to sleep, especially without any air conditioning. Try these tips to stay cool while sleeping without AC.
<p>The storm has swirled west across the southern Caribbean region.</p>
A 21-year-old man died after being rescued from a rip current at an unguarded beach on the North Carolina coast. Courtney Allen of CBS affiliate WNCT-TV reports.
A wildfire that destroyed one home and damaged another while forcing hundreds of people to flee a Utah ski town was also hurting businesses Monday that rely on summer visitors.The fire near Brian Head...
Half the world will swelter through a month of killer heat every year by the year 2100 even if all the world's countries act fast against climate change.
At least 62 people have died in a massive forest fire which over 1,000 firefighters are still battling to contain.
As ocean temperatures rise, what will happen to the fish we eat?&nbsp;
A huge forest fire in central Portugal has killed dozens of people, most of them dying in their cars as they tried to flee.
As the temperature began to soar across the Iberian peninsula last week, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before fires started β€” they've become a summer fixture.
Study shows risks have climbed steadily since 1980, and the number of people in danger will grow to 48% by 2100 even if emissions are drastically reduced.
Earthquakes in northern Arkansas are being linked to the weight of extra water at a flood-swollen reservoir.
What is El Niño, the weather cycle that impacts North America for months at a time?


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